Producent maszyn przemysłowych

Servicing of machinery and equipment

We carry out ongoing servicing and periodic inspections of machinery and equipment, providing our customers with trouble-free and reliable working conditions.

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We can take care of the performance of machines

We have the best specialists

Adequate servicing prevents large financial losses caused by machine downtime, and properly serviced machines operate at the right performance level and ensure production continuity.


Extensive knowledge in repairing a wide range of equipment


Rapid and accurate fault diagnosis and rectification


Efficient and precise selection of spare parts


Prevention of failures through proper maintenance

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The Quality Control Department makes sure that our products are created with the utmost care.


We are focused on dynamic growth, constantly expanding our range of activities and services.


We are characterised by a fully individual approach, especially to the most complex projects.


We accompany the customer from the first sketch to the implementation and deployment of solutions.

We produce for well-known companies