Adapting machines to minimum requirements

dostosowywanie maszyn

We meet standards

We adapt machines to the requirements, directives and national and European regulations. We check and identify non-compliance, analyse risks and bring equipment into compliance with safety requirements.

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Scope of the offer

We know the current requirements and restrictions in the industry

National and European legislation imposes an obligation on the employer to adapt the equipment used by workers, including all machinery and equipment, to meet health and safety requirements.


Periodic maintenance checks of machinery


Verification and modification of all documentation


Adaptation of machines through necessary modifications


Ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions

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The Quality Control Department makes sure that our products are created with the utmost care.


We are focused on dynamic growth, constantly expanding our range of activities and services.


We are characterised by a fully individual approach, especially to the most complex projects.


We accompany the customer from the first sketch to the implementation and deployment of solutions.

We produce for well-known companies