Repair, modernisation and relocation

naprawa modernizacja

We care about functionality and safety

We offer machine repair, modernisation and relocation services. Based on our extensive experience, we modernise the machines in terms of functionality as well as safety.

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Scope of the offer

Comprehensive logistics management

Our specialists are involved in the widely complex relocation process from start to finish. They make sure that the customer feels safe and does not have to worry about the whole process at any stage.


Repair of machinery and equipment


Modernisation of machinery and equipment


Relocation of machinery and equipment


Service of machinery and equipment

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A stable basis for the company's work

We ensure that the modernisation of machines supports and develops their efficiency and durability. The aim of our specialists is to achieve the effect intended by the customer. Well-functioning, systematically improved machinery is the stable foundation on which the work of a production company rests.

Sometimes entrepreneurs expand their companies/concerns with further factories and production facilities. Many times they face the problem of relocating production, or part of it, to another location. Relying on our experience, many customers entrust us with the relocation of specific machinery, production and process lines, to other locations, throughout Europe and the world.

Modern machinery park

Our production capabilities allow us to create a number of projects. As a result, we have strengthened our competitiveness and gained an established position on the market.

Own quality control department

High quality is the basis of success. We have our own Quality Control Department, which makes sure that our machines and devices are manufactured with the utmost care. Production processes and materials are strictly controlled.

Own design office

We offer the sale of projects constructed by us and their comprehensive service - from recognizing the client's needs, through creating a functional model, preparing technical documentation, to implementation.

Large production area

We bring together the best specialists in the sector, distinguished by their many years of experience and extensive knowledge. We currently employ more than 120 people and our total production area exceeds 9,000 m².

We produce for well-known companies