park maszynowy

The future of manufacturing is being created here

Our machinery park is constantly being modernised and expanded, allowing us to systematically increase our production capacity.

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Unlimited production capacity

We bring together the best specialists in the sector, distinguished by their many years of experience and extensive knowledge. We currently employ more than 120 people and our total production area exceeds 9,000 m².

The machinery park is equipped with the latest range of products which, combined with our experienced staff, allows us to carry out the most complex and demanding projects carried out strictly according to our customers' needs. At the moment we have more than 80 machines and equipment.

CNC machining centre

High-quality machine tools enable milling, drilling and threading with the necessary accuracy.

Milling machines

Material processing tools that enable the accurate, reproducible and efficient creation of different types of shapes and details.

Welding equipment

Key equipment for many production processes that require durable and robust connections between materials.


The presses enable accurate, reproducible and efficient cutting, bending, shaping and extrusion of various materials.

Band saws

The advantages of band saws include precise and smooth cuts, material savings and automation of the cutting process.

Cutting machines

Equipment that increases the efficiency and productivity of production processes by cutting materials quickly and accurately in large quantities.


Thanks to their flexibility and precision, lathes are crucial for the production of high-quality parts and components.

Machine drills

Indispensable in production where precise and repeatable holes of a specific diameter and depth are needed.

Boring machines

Tools that are extremely important in the production of parts with complex shapes and requiring high accuracy.

Rolling mills

Rolling mills are used to machine materials to a specific thickness, shape and surface.

Painting booths

They allow for thorough paint coverage, which contributes to high quality and long-lasting products.

Plasma thermal cutting machines

Indispensable where fast and precise cutting of components of different shapes and dimensions is required.

Waterjet cutting machines

CNC waterjet cutting machines have a particularly efficient technology that ensures very precise cutting of a wide range of materials.

We give form to each client's vision

Our knowledge, experience and skills allow us to implement the most technologically advanced projects.

More than 2,500 machines and equipment manufactured

Thanks to our knowledge, experience and production facilities, we carry out projects of all kinds all the time. We attach great importance to implementing solutions that meet all the customer's requirements and contribute to significantly generating savings and productivity. It is the measurable results that demonstrate our quality.