Mechanics and mechanical engineering

Mechanika i budowa maszyn

Overall machine manufacturing

We specialise in mechanics, pneumatics and hydraulics. We are able to manufacture components, parts and equipment of all sizes.

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Ensure the development of your business

Mechanical engineering encompasses the process of designing, building and implementing machines and automation systems that are used in various industries such as industrial, agricultural, transport, energy and many others.

Today, mechanics and mechanical engineering are central to the development of modern technology and the economy.


Reducing the costs of production processes


Increasing production efficiency


Creating top quality products


Ensuring a safe working environment

Production of components, parts and equipment for your business

Thanks to the use of modern technology and the knowledge and experience of our employees, we can offer comprehensive production of components, parts and equipment of various sizes. In order to meet our customers' expectations, we pay special attention to each project, taking care of the smallest details and ensuring high quality workmanship.

We are able to supply products according to individual requirements and provide technical support at every stage of the production process.


The Quality Control Department makes sure that our products are created with the utmost care.


We are focused on dynamic growth, constantly expanding our range of activities and services.


We are characterised by a fully individual approach, especially to the most complex projects.


We accompany the customer from the first sketch to the implementation and deployment of solutions.

We produce for well-known companies