Wide range of services

Thanks to the versatility and comprehensive approach to the services offered, we can provide customers with exactly what they need.

Automation and robotisation

We successfully implement automation systems not only in large corporations, but also in small and medium-sized enterprises, in Poland and internationally.


Mechanics and mechanical engineering

We specialise in mechanics, pneumatics and hydraulics. We are able to manufacture components, parts and equipment of all sizes.



Through metalworking, parts with individual dimensions, shapes and parameters can be made to better meet specific customer needs.


Design of machines and devices

The design office designs machines and equipment from scratch, creating full technical documentation, drawings, models and simulations, which are prepared on the basis of the customer's needs and assumptions.


Adapting machines to minimum requirements

We adapt machines to the requirements, directives and national and European regulations. We check and identify non-compliance, analyse risks and bring equipment into compliance with safety requirements.


Repair, modernisation and relocation

We offer machine repair, modernisation and relocation services. Based on our extensive experience, we modernise the machines in terms of functionality as well as safety.



We carry out ongoing servicing and periodic inspections of machinery and equipment, providing our customers with trouble-free and reliable working conditions.



We carry out orders for the design, manufacture and implementation of products and services according to the customer's specifications. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our product offer.


What sets us apart?

PZM Technology, Producent maszyn przemysłowych

We care about service quality

An in-house Quality Control Department, modern machinery park and qualified staff all ensure the highest quality of the services we offer.

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40 years of experience

Since our foundation, we have focused on dynamic growth, constantly expanding our range of activities and services.

International certificates

The level of service and our company's internal organisational system meets the highest global standards.

9,000 m2 of space

We currently employ over 200 people and our total production area exceeds 9,000 m².


More than 2,500 machines and equipment manufactured

Our knowledge, experience and industrial background allow us to carry out the most complex projects.

Testimony to the quality of the services we offer are the uninterrupted, multi-year contracts with some of the largest companies in the world.

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We fulfill orders according to the customer's specifications

We are characterized by a fully individual approach to each order. We are able to implement the most complex projects - from the design phase to final implementation.

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Start your career with PZM Technology

The industrial world would not exist without skilled professionals, and these would not exist if they were not given the chance to develop. Attractive employment conditions, adequate remuneration and development opportunities are just a few of the advantages of working at PZM Technology.