Steel structures, support frames and platforms

Producent maszyn przemysłowych

We offer various types of support structures

We design and manufacture support structures for the foundation and operation of machines, often as part of an entire line/machine.

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Strong structures to meet your needs

Support frames and platforms can be part of the instrumentation for industrial tanks. We produce structures, frames and platforms according to the design of our construction office or a design provided to us by the customer. The appropriate material is selected depending on the intended use of the component.


Possibility of expansion for any number of tanks, according to customer needs


The products are durable, sturdy and stable and, most importantly, meet all the safety requirements for work


The design elements are chosen to make their use as functional as possible


The customer can be sure of receiving a top-quality product


The Quality Control Department makes sure that our products are created with the utmost care.


We are focused on dynamic growth, constantly expanding our range of activities and services.


We are characterised by a fully individual approach, especially to the most complex projects.


We accompany the customer from the first sketch to the implementation and deployment of solutions.

We produce for well-known companies