About the company
We design - we execute - we implement
Subcarpathian Mechanical Works PZM

The company Subcarpathian Mechanical Works “PZM” has been operating on the market since 1980.

Since its founding, the company has been linked with the metal and machine industry, for which it designs and manufactures all types of products, ranging from metal components to entire production lines complete with automation, control devices and robotics. We supply services and products for industries such as: tire production, mining, automotive industry, military industry, metallurgy, aviation, railway industry, transportation industry, chemical industry, building industry, paper processing and the construction industry.

Our activity is focused on:

  • machining
  • mechanics
  • automation
  • hydraulics
  • pneumatics

We have gathered the best specialists with many years of wide-ranging experience. Subcarpathian Mechanical Works “PZM” currently employs 120 people. The company’s total manufacturing area is more than 9 000 m2. We also have our own means of transport.

1980 r.
Commencement of business activity
100% Polish capital
Family company
About the company

We fulfill orders for the design, manufacture and implementation of products and services according to customer specifications. We are able to carry out even the most complex projects – starting from the design phase up to the final implementation. This enables us to ensure the reliable and timely delivery of standardized, repeatable and professionally executed works.

The company has been developing dynamically for more than a dozen years, expanding the scope of its activities and the range of services offered.

The company Subcarpathian Mechanical Works “PZM” possesses a proprietary system dedicated to our customers, the purpose of which is to monitor the process of orders on the Internet. We work in a Lean Management environment, which enables us to provide our customers with highest-class products at the best price.

Our mission is to be the best manufacturing company, meeting the requirements of our customers, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction through high quality and timely delivery.

Production halls
thousand m2 production area
thousands of m2 of warehouse space

The company has completed a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Project title: “Implementation of a B2B system for the automation of processes with business partners” Operational Programme Innovative Economy, Priority Axis 8. Information society – increasing the innovativeness of the economy, Measure 8.2 Support for the implementation of electronic B2B type business

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