Automation of manufacturing processes
Intelligent solutions for industry
The company Subcarpathian Mechanical Works PZM is developing and supporting the automation processes of its customers.

The development of industry observed in recent years has caused an increase in the complexity of the technological processes and tightening of the requirements regarding the quality and efficiency of production.

The strong competition between the largest industrial companies necessitates the use of increasingly modern, safer, and more reliable systems of control and production management.

There is a universal tendency towards the automation of industrial enterprises, involving the replacement or reduction of human physical and mental work through the use of machines, performing certain repeatable activities automatically.

Subcarpathian Mechanical Works PZM has many years of experience in the successful implementation of automation systems not only in large corporations, but also small and medium-sized enterprises.

We offer our customers the development of a concept of streamlining, reorganization and automation of small or large processes or production modules, based on the following elements designed and produced at Subcarpathian Mechanical Works PZM:
  • manipulators;
  • positioners;
  • feeders;
  • storage systems;
  • transportation systems;
  • technological lines;
  • palletizing lines;
  • production lines;
  • complete applications with the use of industrial robots;
  • other machinery and devices according to the customer’s request.

Thanks to our activities our Customers obtain a safer work environment, enhanced efficiency, lower operating costs, guaranteed process repeatability over time, and most importantly – improved competitiveness on the market.

The company has completed a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Project title: “Implementation of a B2B system for the automation of processes with business partners” Operational Programme Innovative Economy, Priority Axis 8. Information society – increasing the innovativeness of the economy, Measure 8.2 Support for the implementation of electronic B2B type business.

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